• avxart

    Arne' Vermaak

  • Currently team 5mongos
  • Player age 26
  • Country South Africa
  • Ingame Role Offlane

Quick Bio

The AVX person. He's been around for awhile and doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon. He likes walks in the gardens and spending time on virtual activities. avx's play-style is random, he'll either make a great play or a really bad mistake. End of the day it usually works out.

More details

  • 2900

    Total Wins achieved so far
  • 2400

    Total Losses throws in games
  • 56

    Tournaments played in
  • Anicent 2

    Player Rating skill level
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  • Mouse Roccat Savu
  • CPU Quad Core Q7300
  • Keyboard Logitech
  • Graphics Card 260GTX x2