Way back in June we posted about our Steam Giftcard Giveaway. Now, two months on, we are into our third and the system is getting a little more streamlined. We are using gleam.io to run the giveaway and last month’s winner was selected via this method.
This month the giveaway is a little different. We have reduced the main giveaway prize to R250 but we have also made provision to have a mid-stream giveaway on the announcement date. This mini-giveaway of an R80 Steam giftcard will be a random selection of one viewer of the stream, assuming we have enough viewers on the evening.

In the Humblebundle Monthly bundle last month one of the games available was Conan Exiles. A number of us here at Retrokill have decided to set up a server and give the game a go.
For those not in the know, Conan Exiles is a third person multiplayer survival game which sees you running around the world of Conan the Barbarian. Initially this is just as another character in the world but as you grow in the game you are able to capture NPCs and make them thralls to grow your kingdom. In addition to this it is possible to sacrifice NPCs to whichever god you’ve chosen at the beginning of the game and eventually control that god’s avatar.
Assuming we get that far it should be quite the fun experience.

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